Case Study Analysis Paper

Topics: Case study, Case study in psychology, Employment Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: July 8, 2013
LaTanya Perry
Case Study Analysis Paper
17 June 2013
University of Phoenix
Ryan Oba

Thesis: Lack of training and communication can cause employees to make simple, but crucial mistakes that jeopardize the success of the company and its current projects. Introduction
In this case study I am going to analyze what went wrong in a particular situation for one company. The new hire Carl Robins, seems as if he went in over his head maybe due to the fact that he is the newest recruiter. It looks like he may have tried to prove himself to his peers. It also seems as if Carl himself was not properly trained as to knowing, understanding and taking the proper steps when it comes to recruiting new hires. It seems as if the company does not take recruiting very seriously or else I think that the company might enforce policies and rules when it comes to recruitment. Things such as applications should have been properly filled out before and orientation was ever scheduled, applications are a basic requirement when it comes to applying for any job. Through basic communication the training manuals should be checked, changed, and updated frequently according to how often the company is recruiting new hires and last but not the least if the company had properly communicated that the conference room was blocked for maintenance Carl would have and should have known in advance through proper communication from upper management giving him the chance to properly schedule any training sessions. If Carl had been properly trained on these issues he may not have panicked in this situation asking himself "what am I going to do". Although it appears to be a lack of training in this case, Carl still had maybe 15 day in advance to at least start checking on things after he got the call from Monica he could have started on the project right then. Instead he procrastinated because he thought he had it under control, again going back to what I think was a lack of training on the...
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