Case Study and Ali

Topics: Office, Scientific method, Management Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Ali’s First Day at Syarikat Zumaju Sdn. Bhd .
Ali began his first day at Syarikat Zumaju with some trepidation. It was such a huge place. He had reported to the Administration office was positioned conveniently at the main door. One of the officers there had taken down his personal particulars and sent him straight to the Market Research Department where he was to be employed as a Trainee Officer. When he got there the head of department was on leave and the office was almost deserted as a major survey was being carried out by the staff which had required them all to go outstation. Ali was shown to a desk which obviously belonged to another officer and told to read some magazines and brochures until the head of the department come to brief him. The next morning the manager arrived very early and was surprise to find Ali already at his desk. She was also a bit shocked because Ali’s clothing looked crumpled and somehow he did not seem as smart as he had been during the interview. She walked over to Ali and said, “Good morning. I’m Fatimah, the head of Market Research. You’re here very early.” Ali looked sheepish and replied, “Actually, i’m not really early. I slept here in the office last night.” Fatimah was astounded. “Why did you do that?”

Ali admitted his problem.” Last night i couldn’t find the exit. All the door led to other offices or cupboards so in the end i had no choice. I slept on the floor!”

How do you think Ali will feel after his first day of work?
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