Case Study and Implementing Diversity Policies

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Implementing Diversity Policies: Guiding Principles
A guide for ITEC and other engineering businesses who want to benefit from employing a diverse workforce

Implementing Diversity Policies: Guiding Principles
A guide for ITEC and other engineering businesses who want to benefit from employing a diverse workforce

Christina Evans, Judith Glover, Yvonne Guerrier and Cornelia Wilson School of Business and Social Sciences Roehampton University 80 Roehampton Lane London SW15 5SL Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3000

For correspondence about this report please email mailto: [email protected]

September 2007 © The Royal Academy of Engineering ISBN: 1-903496-37-3

Foreword Acknowledgements List of figures Executive summary 1. Introduction 1.1 Why the need for a set of Guiding Principles for embedding diversity in the ITEC sector 1.2 How the Guiding Principles have been derived 1.3 Summary of the Guiding Principles 1.4 Schema of the Guiding Principles Suggestions on how organisations might use these Guiding Principles Guiding Principles 3.1 Vision and leadership 3.2 Well-defined business case 3.3 Company wide policies to mainstream diversity 3.4 Education, training and knowledge building 3.5 Supportive work practices and organisational culture 3.6 Open and transparent recruitment and career development practices 3.7 Partnering with external bodies 3.8 Targeted outreach and widening the recruitment net 3.9 Management of suppliers 3.10 Monitor, improve and celebrate success 3.11 Matrix of key supporting organisational case studies Conclusions Resources to help with your diversity journey Notes 3 4 5 6 9 9 10 11 12 14



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Appendices I. List of acronyms 68

2 The Royal Academy of Engineering

Implementing Diversity Policies: Guiding Principles


I am delighted to welcome this new report - Implementing Diversity Policies: Guiding Principles – funded by The Royal Academy of Engineering and produced in partnership with Equalitec. Equalitec, funded in part by the European Social Fund, under the Equal Programme, is a broad-ranging partnership of organisations committed to promoting and supporting women’s advancement in Information Technology, Electronics and Computing (ITEC). ITEC is a key driver of change in the global knowledge economy and a key contributor to the productivity and competitiveness of the European economy. But growth is being affected in some areas by a shortage of skilled ITEC workers. To meet the continuing growth in ITEC we need to encourage more individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills, particularly women, to consider a career in ITEC and ITEC related businesses. It is now well recognised that there are many business and social benefits from encouraging greater diversity within the workplace. Yet women are currently under-represented in the ITEC sector, especially in more senior roles. This report provides some practical guidelines on how to build an organisational culture where women and others from diverse backgrounds with business critical ITEC skills are encouraged to participate and reach their full potential. It contains many examples of good practice drawn from a range of ITEC employers. I would encourage you to use this report with a range of people in your organisation to help stimulate debate and change polices and practices to encourage greater diversity.

Dr Rosalie Zobel Director Directorate G/Components and Systems Information Society and Media Directorate General European Commission

The Royal Academy of Engineering 3

The authors would like to thank the many organisations and individuals that have made this report possible. In particular we would like to thank The Royal Academy of Engineering for sponsoring the project; Professor Wendy Hall, CBE FREng, Senior Vice President of The Royal Academy of Engineering, for chairing each of the Equalitec...
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