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Oral/Written Case Studies Synopsis

The report should begin with an appropriate introduction of the case study.

Identify the main problem that you will concentrate on for the report/presentation in one sentence.

State the facts and assumptions relating to the main problem only. Some or much of this will be a direct result of your research and will not be found in the case study.

Summarize the facts obtained from the research. This should not just be internet research. Be very thorough. Your sources should be indicated in the reference section.


Strengths OF THE COMPANY (not the brand, product or service, some of the characteristics of these would be strengths and possibly weaknesses).

Weaknesses of the company (same as with strengths).

Opportunities for business expansion as identified through analysis of external environment.

Threats possible detractions from your existing business strategies in the external environment. A Competitive Analysis is a must in this research.

SW’s are internal to the company and to a great extent – controllable OT’s are external to the company and mainly uncontrollable.

Recommendations (see Case Study format):
1.State three strong, supporting alternatives options or alternatives that can help to solve the main problem. 2.State and explain three advantages and three disadvantages of each option/alternative.

State the alternative/option that you would implement as a solution to the main problem you identified with supporting arguments. It MUST be one of your alternatives. No exceptions.

Plan of Action:
Indicate the steps, from beginning to end, needed to implement your recommendation. Be thorough and specific, rather than vague and general.

Contingency Plan – what happens if your plan does...

Bibliography: Identify all reference and bibliography research information sources used.
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