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Case Study: The Forgotten Group Member
MGMT 591 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Prof. Dr. Barbara Vallera
September 21, 2012

Case Study: The Forgotten Group Member
After reading this case study and reviewing our textbook, I have concluded that this group is definitely in the Norming stage of team development. According to our text, " The Norming stage of team development sometimes called initial integration, is the point at which the members really start to come together as a coordinated unit." (pg. 157). This is the stage where things are starting to come together and any bickering that may have been going on has ceased to continue. This team would almost be ready to go into the Performing Stage except for one setback which is Mike. I think that Mike has a lot going on outside of the class and not everyone has an understanding of this. All of Mike's issues could have identified if there was a better understanding of the stages of team development.

Mike's issues or for that matter all of the teams issues and concerns could have been laid out during the Forming stage. According to our text, " The Forming stage of team development, a primary concern is the initial entry of members to a group. During this stage, individuals ask a number of questions as they begin to identify with other group members and with the team itself." (pg. 156). This stage is where all the questions and issues come out that way you could better plan you project and task the right people to do certain jobs.

Christine secondary problem is that she must understand what makes her team effective, Our text states that, " An effective team is one that achieves high levels of task performance, member satisfaction, and team viability." (pg. 152). This has a lot to do with how the team is meshing together and the team benefit of synergy which is basically putting the team over the individual. When this happens team members can learn from each other and they are...
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