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Deborah A. Hicks
March 1, 2012
OL 3200 Managing Organizational Change
Homework Assignment due Week Two of Course
(20 pts each)

1.     Nestle' Case study (pgs. 96 – 97 in your text)
Nestle’ is a highly successful global consumer products company. The case study describes changes that occurred at the company over long periods of time. Answer the four questions at the end of the case.  The four answers should take around two pages typed and double-spaced. The questions refer to concepts introduced in chapter 4. Question 3 refers to the section that begins on page 84 (black dot, white numbers). Question 4 refers to the section beginning on page 87. 1. Did Nestle’ undergo either first-order and/or change according to the case case? Answer, listing examples of types of change from the above story. Nestle’ did a second –order change according to the case. Nestlé only sold through sales agents to countries outside of its home market. Its launch into the American market was initiated when the First World War increased demand for dairy.

Brabeck- letmathe emphasizes the need for incremental approach to change. Do you agree that this what he has done? Discuss the differences and similarities between his view and your view of what has occurred at Nestle’, both historically and in recent times. Yes, I believe Brabeck has incremental change

3. What implications for change managers would apply specifically to Nestle’? Outline how the Nestle’ management team may have reacted to each implication. Nestlé, is forced to respond to a competitive mechanisms specially created for managing a specific. “The first implication for change managers within Nestle is the need to be accountable, transparent, and focused on how best to create trust between subordinates and management. From this foundation of trust, both first- and second-order change can be developed. This focus on being trustworthy to alleviate resistance to change and...
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