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Modernization of NTUC Income
Q1. What were the problem faced by income in the case? How were the problem resolved by the new digital system? The problems were delay and lack of transaction day by day where the paper work takes time to achieve and their problems between the firm and the consumers where this effect the income even after the provide the new system COBOL , the transaction still slowly process. The problem resolve by providing the eBao life system when the software comprised three subsystems Technology, Policy Administration , Sales Management and Supplementary Resources, which saves them and good communicating with costumers . Q2. What types of information system and business processes were used by Income before migrating to the fully digital system? 1- Hand by hand to copies the papers to computer which takes two to three days and stores it then returned it back. 2- HP 3000 , which backup system restoration to only up to the previous days backup data. 3- COBOL , broke multiple times , interruption.

Q3.Describe the information system and IT infrastructure at Income after migrating to the fully digital system? The new information system is the eBao which based on Java , PC RAM 128MB, new hardware and software , and disk storage system, lan cable where the data transmitted quickly and softly.

Q4. What benefits did income reap from the new system?
The reap are ; access the system any time for the advisor
faster access to information
view of every customers
improve customers service
50 percent saving time and cost
very flexible
online service
so it is effective and efficiency system.

Q5. How well is Income prepared for the future ? Are the problems described in the case likely to be repeated ?
The prepare very well become the system is...
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