Case Study of a Childs Play and Development

Topics: Case study, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 9 (1931 words) Published: July 24, 2010
MODULE  TITLE:                Therapeutic Playwork  
CREDIT POINTS:                15
LEVEL:                                  3  
LOCATION:                          B.A (Hons) Playwork  
STATUS :                               Elective  
This module is addressed to meet the needs of playworkers intending to practice therapeutically and aims to offer insights into a range of techniques used. The core of the module is theoretical, but practice issues will be addressed and techniques explored at a practical level. The module aims to enable intending therapeutic playworkers to make appropriate choices as to methods used and to develop skills in those they prefer.  

On completion of the module, students will be able to:
demonstrate an understanding of a range of therapeutic uses of play and insight into their differences  
demonstrate competence in play-related skills appropriate to one or more therapies  
assess children’s play needs and utilise, or advise on the utilisation of, appropriate therapeutic techniques  
Theories covered will focus on the depth psychologies and associated therapeutic practices. Case studies will be examined and alternatives discussed. Students will be asked to engage in discussion with current practitioners directly and through email discussion lists.  

In a field in which little is certain and controversy rages, the ability to analyse the work of others is a key skill on which this module will focus. Students will be expected to reflect on their own life experiences in some depth to inform their decisions as to practice and their explanations of those decisions to peers.  

Classes will mostly operate as workshops in which case studies and associated theories are offered with illustrations from personal or professional experiences for peer analysis and ideas for alternatives or for development.  

It is the intention that this module will provide learning opportunities for all students regardless of race, class, disability or gender. The module will address equal opportunities specifically by examining the impact of oppression on children’s developing personalities and methods of countering those effects.  

An analysis of a case study of 2,500 words will form the work for assessment. The case study should be of work carried out by the student and may be ongoing or related to past practice. Evidence of discussion on a wide basis, such as through an email discussion group, should be offered in support of conclusions reached.  

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Autism Self-Help Pages email discussion archives on the lists: psych-couns; child-health; psychoanalytic-studies email discussion group archives for evolutionary-psychology; play-therapy  

Theory and Principles               child development in relation to personality Analysis and Reflection understanding growth and change in the mind Application and reflection          facilitation of personal development in the child Synthesis and evaluation           ...
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