Case Study of H.B. Fuller

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H.B. Fuller and the Street Children of Central America

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H.B. Fuller and the Street Children of Central America

Question No 1: Is H.B.Fuller responsible for the addiction of street children to its Resistol products? Do you agree or disagree with the statement that the social conditions in Honduras and Guatemala are ultimately responsible for misuse of H.B. Fuller products and that neither the product nor the company is to blame? Do you agree or disagree that a parent company is not responsible for the activities of its subsidiaries? Explain your answers full. a) I don’t think that H.B.Fuller is responsible. Because the thing is that they’re just doing their business and nothing else. It’s their right to do whatever business they want. It is just like that when you go to the well, if the dog fell into the well so what we can do then? The company is just concerned with the business of producing glue. To maintain the status of the company, they need to use best chemicals out of best. It is the duty of the company to maintain the quality. If there isn’t any substitute of that glue then they’re helpless. They can’t hang their company. b) If we talk about the children who were affected by the habit of sniffing the glue, children can understand what is right and what is wrong if they’re the part of the company. If they’re sniffing the glue, it is up to them. Company never said about that. To sniff the glue is their action why the company should be blame? c) Of course! I’m agreeing with the statement that H.B.Fuller is not responsible for the activities of its subsidiary. To let the children know about the duties and precaution is the responsibility of the company. If the children are habitual of this thing, then I just want to say that it’s very hard to get rid of any type...
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