Case Study Optima Operations Management

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*The 2004 E-Crime Watch survey was conducted among security and law enforcement executives by CSO magazine in cooperation with the United States Secret Service and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute’s CERT® Coordination Center.

Case Study - Efficient Service Production with Optima
The company - Mitec Group The Mitec Group has 12 years of experience in the area of voice network management. The Group has a proven track record from supplying scalable management solutions for Voice Managed Services. The Challenge An increasing number of enterprises decide to buy managed services or completely or partly outsource the voice infrastructure and IT responsibility. The customers are today far more exposed to a complex voice/data infrastructure. Following this, an increasing number of customers are getting increasingly conscious about service quality and require better and measurable service level agreements. Service quality is more and more an actual measurable parameter. Consequently the price of service agreement will depend upon both agreed and supplied quality of service. The Challenge is to compose a good service offering at a reasonable price. To achieve this it is crucial to industrialize the production of services. Operations Management Today, services are to a great extend executed manually. Many of these service tasks are repetitive, time consuming and tedious. In addition, the service tasks are of such a nature that competence and experience is required to perform the actual service. As a consequence, skilled technicians are designated to perform relatively basic work. In many cases this turns out to be expensive and wrong deployment of valuable resources. Experience shows that an average service task takes up to 20 minutes to perform. This is because different persons execute the various tasks at different times with varying routines. Additionally critical information such as equipment passwords, inventory data and traffic...
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