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CELTA Pre-Interview task




Please complete the task below on a separate sheet. An interview can only be arranged on receipt of the task. We recommend that you consult a grammar book and a methodology book if possible. Recommended books: Grammar: Parrot, Martin – Grammar for English Language Teachers (Cambridge University Press) Swan, Michael – Practical English Usage (Oxford University Press) Methodology: Jim Scrivener – Learning Teaching (Macmillan) Jeremy Harmer – How to Teach English (Longman) 1. Below are pairs of commonly confused words. Explain briefly how you would convey to a student how the words in each pair differ in meaning. a. b. sensitive / sensible fun / funny c. d. remember / remind bookshop / library

2. Briefly highlight how you would convey to a student the difference in meaning between these pairs of sentences. You can assume that the learner understands the vocabulary in the sentence, so focus on the underlined words. a. b. c. When I arrived they had eaten. She speaks Spanish. She’s starred in several major films. When I arrived they were eating. She’s speaking Spanish. She starred in several major films.

3 a. How would you teach a group of Pre-intermediate students the following expressions? • • • • • I’ve got a cough I’ve got a headache I feel nauseous I’ve got a cold I’ve got flu

3 b. What difficulties might students have with learning these expressions? Comment on meaning, form and pronunciation.

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CELTA Pre-Interview task




4. Imagine you are a language student starting a 4 week language course in a foreign country. You do not understand the language and no-one understands your mother tongue. Imagine how you would feel on your first Monday at school and what kind of thing you would want to learn to say first. ( approximately 200 words)

5. a) Why have you decided to do the CELTA course? 5....
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