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[04/05/2013 12:13] most will agree," childhood days are the blessed ones". the sheer joy of enjoyment in all the little things that we all did during our childhood days was fun. our morning were as bright as the sun and when we went to bed, we slept in sound as a log. but changing times, things have taken a turn. in todays competitive world, parents are worried and burdened with the thought of the child's future rather then letting the child be thyself. therefore there are always pros and cons. some will agree that in todays cut throat competition , there are no room for plays and enjoyment , but one should not forget the proverb, "all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy . it is very important to understand that as long as the child's health is strong and provided the right amount of nutrition, a child's mind mind will be sharp and alert . and all this things, come with playing gane and sports . a healthy body will develop a healthy mind .with the right amount of push , the child will naturally be able to tackle the competition. men are instinctive creatures, therefore can be seen among them right from their childhood. and it is during htis time that, one needs to be guide in the right path . this is something very important . and the child should not be deprived of playtime and games. you may never know what talents one child has. htey should not be subdued with meaningless competitions. afterall, studies and project work is not the ultimate goal in life . today a nation's power is also recognised by the way they represent their nation in sports. for instance, take the case of us and china . even in india , Manipur is considered to be the powerhouse of sports. on the othe hand , lack of studies will not bear fruit in future . everything in the world toaday is connected . globalisation and commercialisation has spelt the need for everyone around the world to be...
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