Child and Young Person Development3

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Child and Young Person Development
Unit TDA 2:1
Unit number H/601/3305

Outcome 2: Understand the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development


3.2 Milly has worked in her current job as a support assistant for two years. She is working with a Year 1 class and has known them since Reception. She has noticed that one of the children, Josh has recently become very quiet and withdrawn. Another teaching assistant tells her that she thinks that Josh’s dad has recently moved out and that another man has moved in with his mum.

What should Milly do?

Why is it important for her to be sensitive in this situation?

What should she remember about confidentiality?

a)Milly should inform other staff members and she should start her reasons regarding her concerns and give dates and details.

b)Milly should be sensitive to Josh’s need because he is going through a difficult change, which can have an effect on his emotional development.

c)There should be a confidentiality policy which Milly should know about. Any information should only be shared with the SENCO.

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