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Topics: Bankruptcy in the United States, Scientific method, Case study Pages: 10 (2288 words) Published: August 25, 2013
School of Management and Public Administration MG101 (Face to Face) INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT TUTORIAL OUTLINE Semester 2, 2013

Course Coordinator: Name: Naolah Pitia Phone: 3232765 Email [email protected] Room FBE S206: School of Management and Public Administration, Faculty of Business and Economics Laucala Campus, Upper Campus, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. Consultation Hours: Monday: 10.00 – 12.00 p.m. Wednesday: 10.00 – 12.00 p.m.

Course Tutor: Name: Phone: Email: Room S032 Ms Kritika Devi 323- 2680 [email protected] : School of Management and Public Administration, Faculty of Business and Economics Laucala Campus, Upper Campus, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. (Opposite School of Tourism) Consultation Hours: TBA

Course Tutor: Name: Ms Buriata Tofinga Phone: TBC Email: [email protected] Consultation Hours: After tutorial sessions only

MG101 Tutorial outline

Semester 2 2013


1.0 The tutorial will focus on enhancing students knowledge on management theories/concepts learnt in the lectures. It will further develop essential managerial skills as discussions in tutorials relate theories learnt in the course to real life practices by analyzing case studies. Students will be working in groups as well as individually within their tutorial groups. Every week, there will be group discussions in tutorial classes relating to the chapters; plus presentations (case study presentations) related to the chapters covered. Students will be required to divide themselves up into groups consisting 3-4 members within each tutorial group. Each group will be doing one (1) case study presentation. All the team members will need to present. No oral presentations are to be read (note- cards can be permitted as reference guide). Student presentations are to be made in a relaxed, confident and professional manner. All team members should actively engage in the presentation and discussion that follows the presentation. The use of visual aids (laptop/projector, overhead projector, charts, whiteboard and handouts) is recommended. Booking for use of visual aid can be arranged with SMPA secretaries and USP Media Centre (Located in ICT Building) and note that prior arrangements will need to be made for those that would like to deliver presentation using laptop/projector. For booking laptop/projector with SMPA secretaries it is advisable to make bookings through the tutor of the course. You will be expected to: a. Critically analyze the key issues raised in the case study you have chosen and answer the questions given at the end of the case studies. Each group will choose one case study to present on the week indicated in your tutorial outline. You can read other sources (research articles) to supplement the argument you are using in your presentation. As 100-level students, you will be expected to deliver arguments in a logical manner, and quote relevant information pertaining to the theories from the chapter and relating that to the cases. In addition, you will be quoting relevant material in presenting your critical analysis of the case studies. b. Adhere to the time given for presentation, so make sure you only present the main points covering the key issues from the case study. Refer to assessment criteria and time limit for case study presentation, given in section 9.0 below. Case study presentation is worth 10% of your total course work, so please make sure that your group takes some time to plan and prepare your presentation well. 2.0 Case study presentations will begin in week 3 (5-9 August 2013) 3.0 The tutorial outline is posted up on moodle. The outline has information on which chapter the tutorial will be focused on each week, and tutorial discussion questions, as well as the case studies. You are expected to do your part in going through the discussion questions indicated for each week before you come for your tutorial class. If there is going to be a case study...
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