Cluster 1 Case Study 3M Or Geek Squad Edition 11

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Cluster 1 Case Study/Internet Exercises

I am giving you a choice of which Case Study that you want to complete. You are to complete only one case, you may choose to do either:

VIDEO CASE 1: 3M’s Post-it Flag Highlighter: Extending the Concept! OR
VIDEO CASE 3: Geek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment

Note: A video case for this assignment may be available for viewing by clicking on the “Course Documents” navigation button, then select the appropriate chapter number and then select “Video Cases”. If you are having problems accessing the video, contact Harper’s Student Service Desk for assistance: 847.925.6866 or [email protected]

The case studies can be completed without watching the actual video and watching the video will not replace reading the actual case study.

VIDEO CASE 1: 3M’s Post-it Flag Highlighter: Extending the Concept! Textbook Pages 22 – 23

Answer the following extra questions, Questions A through E as well as the textbook questions 1 through 5 found at the end of the textbook Video Case Study 1, Page 23

As students, you may use a variety of approaches to how you study and what products you may use (notebooks, pens, highlighters, iPods, etc.) Review the chapter opening found on Pages 3 – 4.

Question A:
Do you take written notes to summarize key points in textbook?

Question B:
Do you underline, highlight, or flag the key points you want to remember?

Question C:
If you answered yes, to Question B, what do you use to underline, highlight or flag the key points?
If you answered no, to Question B, move to Question D

Question D:
In terms of the Post-It Flag Highlighter have you:
Hear of it before reading/watching this video case?
Tried using one? If so – comment on use.

Question E:
Visit Harpers Bookstore or an office supply store or the office supply section of a retail store. (1) State the name and location of the business you visited. (2) Did they carry the 3M Post-it Flag Highlighter?

(3) If not, did they carry any type of highlighter?
(4) How were they displayed?
(5) Any other 3M office products on display?

Question 1:
As stated in the textbook. State and explain a minimum of three (3) for the “Before”. It may be helpful to create a chart similar to one shown below

When the Marketing Research Was Done
(a) How Windorski got ideas from the students, and fine-tuned his design (b) How these were important to the success of the product
Before a working model was developed

After a working model was developed


Question 2:
State a minimum of two (2) (a) special advantages and state a minimum of two (2) (b) potential problems.

Question 3:
Refer to your answer to Question E. Be sure to answer both parts (a) and (b). Note: if the retail store you visited did not carry the 3M Post-it Flag Highlighter, then answer (a) where would you display the 3M Post-it Flag Highlighter product in a college bookstore and (b) how would you generate a student awareness display for this product?

Question 4:
As stated in the textbook

Question 5:
State and explain a minimum of three (3) (a) special opportunities State and explain a minimum of three (3) (b) potential challenges State and explain a minimum of three (3) (c) countries to focus the marketing efforts on

Evaluation Maximum 50 Points:

Number in parenthesis is the point value for each portion of the question.

Point Value For Case Components
Point Value For Case Components
Question A
2 Points
2 Point
Question B
2 Points
2 Point
Question C
2 Points,
Not Applicable
Question D
2 Points
4 Points
Question E
4 Points
4 Points
Question 1
6 Points (3,3)
6 Points (3, 3)
Question 2
8 Points (4,4)
8 Points (4, 4)
Question 3
6 Points (3,3)
6 Points (3, 3)
Question 4
6 Points
6 Points
Question 5
12 Points (4,4,4)
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