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College education is important to me because it brings new opportunities, lets you learn, and gives you more experience. College has a different atmosphere from high school, and it determines what you become later in life. It helps you finish your journey to your dreams and what you aspire to be. Going to college brings new opportunities for you; one is that you will be able to get a job. College also gives you an education in the courses you major in. Last but not least, getting an education in college gives you more experience, like working with your peers and becoming independent. There are many more reasons, but these are some of the ones that are common and matter to me.

College brings you new opportunities and opens more doors for you. If you have a college degree, employers will be looking for you. This tells them that you are able to adapt to changing circumstances and can work under pressure. Even if there is a rigorous task needed to be completed, you can probably finish it. Compared to others who did not go to college and are competing against you for the job, you’re more likely to get the occupation. You can also have a greater chance of earning a promotion from your boss.

Evidently, college lets you get an education in what you choose to major in. It also teaches you that you should think big and not let your dreams go down into the drain. When you go to college, you can take part in field trips, sports, clubs, jobs, projects, extracurricular activities, and etc., you learn to balance your schedule, along with going to your regular classes. It also lets you get a feel of how the world is actually like. This leads directly into my next point, getting knowledge from college.

Finally, going to college will bring you a ton of new experience. As I have said previously, college prepares you for how the world will be; busy and unpredictable. College makes you independent because you have to rely on yourself; your mommy won’t be there for you to do the...
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