Common Hero-the Heroic Outlook in the Old Man and the Sea

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Common Hero-The Heroic Outlook in The Old Man and the Sea



Being distinguished from many greatest American writers, Hemingway is noted for his writing style. Among all his works, The Old Man and the Sea is a typical one to his unique writing style and technique. The language is simple and natural on the surface, but actually deliberate and artificial. The simplicity is highly suggestive, and often reflects the strong undercurrent of emotion. Because the wrong opinions that all the heroes should be unbeatable, perfect and unsurpassable, so many people can not understand the truth of the hero. Not only the fight between the old man and the nature, but also the spirit and the purpose of the old man we can get from the technique of expression, just like the iron-willed and unyielding under the pressure. This is the hero. Whether you are a common person or you can protect the world, you also can be a hero when you tried your best and had a clear conscience. Common hero is the deeply occultism expressed in The Old Man and the Sea. The thesis falls into 6 parts. The first part makes a short description about the heroic outlook in The Old Man and the Sea. The second part makes an introduction of the background of The Old Man and the Sea. The third part makes a detailed analysis on the heroic outlook. The forth part makes a reflection of the common hero in the work. The fifth part analyses the reasons of the heroic outlook’s formation in the work. Finally, it comes to a conclusion, we can also be a hero if we believe that man is not made for defeat and a man can be destroyed but not defeated.

Key Words: heroic outlook; common hero; tough man; determination

摘 要

在众多伟大的美国作家中,海明威以独特的写作风格而著称。在他所有的作品中,《老人与海》最能体现他独特的写作风格和手法。这部小说语言看似简洁自然,其实包含了作者的精心揣摩和润色加工。小说简洁自然的语言背后隐藏了深刻的意义和感情。 许多人认为英雄是无敌的,是无缺点的,是不可超越的,但是正是因为这种错误的观点才让许多人无法明白英雄的真正定位。文中利用很多表现手法,体现的并不仅仅是老人与自然的斗争,更主要的是在突出老人的精神和意志,一种硬汉的不屈气势,这就是英雄。无论你有多么平凡,无论你是否能拯救世界,只要你竭尽全力,问心无愧,那么你就是英雄。平凡的英雄—这也是《老人与海》中深层次含义的体现。 论文共分为六个部分。第一部分主要是对《老人与海》中的英雄观做一个简要的描述;第二部分是对《老人与海》的背景做相应介绍;第三部分是对英雄观概念的具体分析;第四部分阐述了作品中英雄观是如何体现的;第五部分分析了作品中英雄观的形成原因;最后一部分是对整体论文的总结,提出主要观点,即我们都可以成为英雄,只要我们坚信,人生来不是为了被打败的,一个人可以被摧毁,但不能被打败。



Ⅰ. Elaborating the Heroic Outlook in The Old Man and the Sea1 Ⅱ. Introducing the Background of The Old Man and the Sea1 2.1 Introducing The Old Man and the Sea1
2.1.1 Introducing the work1
2.1.2 Introducing the Iceberg2
2.2 Introducing the Author2
Ⅲ. Analyzing the Heroic Outlook2
3.1 The Traditional Heroic Outlook2
3.2 The Mordern Heroic Outlook3
3.3 The Heroic Outlook in the Work3
Ⅳ. Reflection of The Common Hero in The Work4
4.1 Reflecting in Character4
4.2 Reflecting in Fighting with Nature4
4.3 Reflecting in Symbolic Meaning…….6
Ⅴ. Analyzing the Reasons of the Heroic Outlook’s Formation in the Work8 5.1 Writing Background8
5.2 Family Background8
5.3 The Author’s Experiences8
Ⅵ. Conclusion10

Common Hero-The Heroic Outlook in The Old Man and the Sea

I. Elaborating the Heroic Outlook in The Old Man and the Sea Santiago proves to be a noble hero in the eyes of Hemingway. He is a master craftsman in his enduring strength, skill, and knowledge of fishing, Santiago determinedly bends all his strength and accrued experience in his craft to the task of playing the fish well. He knows tricks and occupies himself with bettering his ability to fish. He struggles and suffers in order to stay undefeated. He beats all odds and fights all battles with the thought that he can and will win. And so he does. He goes far out and acts on what he thinks is right. He does not fear his actions nor does he regret them. He fights every battle as if it is his last and therefore comes out on top. Finally, he accepts defeat. This...

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