Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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Master of Business Administration
Batch of 2013

(Semester–I) Subject Outline
Subject Name Subject Code Subject Credits

Communication & Interpersonal Skills
MGT 516 3 This course focuses on developing writing skills that meet external as well as internal reporting standards while also producing documents that are accessible and understandable to nonbusiness audiences. Explore different ways of writing for different audiences with an emphasis on targeted messaging. Sharpening writing skills and grammar and also honing the presentation skills. Provide inputs to managerial decision making by enhancing the proficiency level of students in areas such as self-analysis, communicating decisions across functional areas, analysis of business scenarios, case study analysis, customer-centricity, and stakeholder communication. Also focuses on building awareness about current affairs, especially in the corporate environment. 1. To demonstrate proficiency in the critical written skills of business communication. 2. To articulate and also assimilate basics of communication as an important tool in all businesses.



Core Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes On completion of this unit you should be able to: Understand the nuances of English Language with relation to business usage. Assessment Criteria To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to: Discuss Case Studies, Presentations and debates with the mid-term and term-end examinations as written exercises to discern.

Understand importance of listening vis-avis other aspects of communication Understand the art of comprehending case-studies and questioning the practices as well as theories so as to build new aspects of knowledge. Understand the need of writing, analysis of one’s own writing, and perfect the art of précis writing.

Understand from listening exercises that are showcased in the classroom sessions. Perform in Classroom presentations; understand the importance of asking questions, always be interactive in sessions and case-scenarios.

Compact and precise writing in all classroom exercises, and mid-term - end-term examinations

The teaching methods will consist of formal lectures, case study analysis, practical workshops and discussion groups. Experts and practitioners will be invited to participate in the course as guest lecturers. Students will work at their own to identify and assess communication methodologies, and then continuously trained to refine their all round communication skills through class room projects and exercises. This might be a presentation on a business topic, a leader or a plan for a start-up or for a new venture within an existing firm. Over the whole span of the term student will speak, read, write, listen and play roles so as to be assessed and continuously appraised on new methods and tools to improve his / her ability to articulate the nuances of business in a simplified manner. As is appropriate at Masters’ level, students will also be expected to read beyond texts assigned, and to identify on their own further sources of information for complementing their studies. Towards improved General Awareness, students would be encouraged to analyze current events to provide information not just on an incident that has happened but to use the same as an opportunity to discuss related information and concepts. Participants will use case-studies and this learner centric approach is used to impart the knowledge. The subject matter expertise of students enrolled in this course is evaluated and assessed on the basis of project work – that includes case studies, group assignments, book reviews, listening, reading and writing exercises, media interviews, speeches, company reports and business quizzes and group discussions on current topics. Weight % Learning Outcomes Assessed 1 X X 2 X X 3 X X 4 X X 5 6 Submission day/week (assignments) or length (exam)

Approach to Learning

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