Communication Skills

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Unit-1 Communication Skills
      Concept of Communication Process of Communication Types and Levels of Communication Technical Communication and General Communication Important Elements of Technical Communication Importance and Need of Technical Communication

Human beings cannot live in society without the help of communication. Even a small baby cries to make others understand its need – is one type of communication. Communication is the very basic need of any organization and any individual. Without it, it is not possible for any organization to exist, function effectively and achieve its objectives. Communication brings people together by establishing commonness among people. It is a social need for an individual and lifeblood for an organization. We communicate 75% of our working time, an organization communicates 90% of its working time. If individuals communicate for their personal purposes, commnication in an organization is for the business purposes. Thus, the role of communication is to bring all the aspects of business together - manufacturer, employees, customers, suppliers, agencies, distributors etc. Communication is an art of sharing meaningful ideas, informations,knowledge, experience and feelings. The word Communication is derived from the Latin word 'communis', which means 'to make common, to transmit, to impart’. It stands for a natural activity of all human beings to convey opinions, informations, ideas, feelings, emotions to others by words spoken or written, by body language or signs.

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Unit-1 Communication Skills
Communication has been defined by many theorists; some of these definitions are quoted here :  According to W.H.Newman, “Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.”  The American Management Association defines communication as “any behavior that results in an exchange of meaning.”  George Vardman in his book `Effective communication of ideas' defines effective commnication as "Purposive interchange, resulting in workable understanding andagreement between the sender and the receiver of the message".  Peter Little says "Communication is the process by which informations are transmitted between individuals or organizations so that an understanding response results.  Allen Louis says "Communication is the sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create an understanding in the mind of another it involves a systematic and continuous process.  To quote Norman B. Sigband, “Communication is the transmission and reception of ideas, feelings and attitudes both verbally and non-verbally eliciting a response. It is a dynamic concept underlying all kinds of living systems.  Dalton McFarland says, “Communication may be broadly defined as the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. More specifically, it is the process by which meanings are perceived and understandings are reached among human beings.” Dr.Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology Prof. Chintan Mahida to download soft copy of notes.

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Unit-1 Communication Skills

Process of Communication is a full cycle of events from sender to the receiver abd back to the sender. Communication is a two way process in which the exchanege of ideas links the sender and the receiver towards a mutually accepted direction. The transmission of the sender’s ideas to the receiver and the receiver’s feedback or reaction to the sender constitutes the communication process. The process of communication may be represented by the following figure showing the steps in the process.

 Sender : The process of communication starts with a sender, the person who...
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