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Same format as Case #1

There are several problems in this case.  Your assignment is to read the case and identify the problems that, in your opinion, Karen Carlin and the firm of Hepplewhite and Boyce will have to confront, and suggest solutions to those problems in a five page, double-spaced paper.  The format for this case is the same as case # 1.  Only the topic has changed.  You will present your findings to the class in a five minute presentation with slides.

As the case states, firing people is not an option.  Also, financial calculations are not necessary for this case.  You are to assume that you are a consultant in personnel management who has been hired by Ms. Boyce, the CEO of Hepplewhite and Boyce, to study this case and write a report to her.

As a reminder, below is the information from case study # 1 about a suggested outline for a standard problem/solution format. It can be adapted in any fashion you think is appropriate, or you can develop your own format.

1. The purpose of the report
2. A clear definition of the problems
3. The probable causes of the problems
4. The feasible courses of action to be taken to solve the problems
5. The best courses of action in your opinion
6. Why they are the best courses of action, including probable outcomes
7. Additional steps that should be taken in the future to ensure that similar problems
do not occur.

The written report is due April 4, 2013
The presentation is due March 14, 2013

Karen Carlin

Used with Permission from the Publisher: OB in Action: Cases and Exercises
Wolff Wohlberg, 6th Ed., 2001. This case was written by Scott Weighart.

Karen Carlin graduated from Plympton University's School of Management in 1995. Though she was a top student and planned someday to get an MBA, she wanted for the moment to work in Manhattan. Karen grew up in the small town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and she was excited at the idea of living in the big city. She figured New York was the next logical step after going to school in Pittsburgh.

Having heard many horror stories about the cost of living in Manhattan, Karen wasted no time trying to find a job. While working at the Daily Free Press, Plympton's student newspaper, Karen had learned a great deal about word processing. Accordingly, she went to Temployee Specialists and applied for a job.

The interview was high pressured. The woman in charge of Temployee Specialists, Jane Thorley, gave her four consecutive timed typing tests, followed by a Dictaphone test. She asked Karen unusually specific questions about her education and work background. Finally, Thorley brought her to an Apple Macintosh computer with Microsoft Word and Pagemaker software.

"Have you ever used one of these?" she asked. Karen reluctantly admitted that she hadn't. "Well, you seem bright enough," Thorley told her. "Sit down, and give it a try." Although Karen felt a little intimidated, she tried calling up files and doing simple commands. It was different from the Free Press's Varityper system, but she managed to figure out the basics.

Fifteen minutes later, Jane Thorley came in and watched over her shoulder. Although it was hard to tell from her all-business expression, Thorley was apparently pleased. She told Karen that she had a long-term assignment for her at Hepplewhite & Boyce, a large accounting firm in a huge office building near Canal Street. Karen was shocked and thrilled to have gotten a job so easily. However, there was a catch.

"If they ask you if you've used the DataLogic...
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