Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness

Topics: Computer, Information Age, Question Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness by David Galenter
In this text about computer, David Galenter tries to answer very widely asked questions about the computers. The question he like to answer are: 1.Are we in an IT age?
2.Has the old age ended?
3.Have computers been good or bad for the mankind?
4.What will happen in the future on computers?
In the text he denies the widespread concept that we are in an IT age. In the past, coal steel and concrete mattered and now information counts. But, information has a different sphere and other basic needs are as important now as they used to be. In the text the writer opposes the three major arguments the believers in a new information age make: It has been said that ours is a new age because computers are the sophisticated machines (which create, store and deliver information), they have helped to narrow down the geography (by connecting the people of the world via internet) and they are the smart machines (machines that, after programming, can do the task analyzing the atmosphere themselves) as well. He denies the fact by stating that the computers are only recent developments in all three areas and there have already been the developments in these fields. The examples are: movies, cassette tapes, telegraphy, cameras (sophisticated machines); trains, plane, small vehicles, telephone, radio, TV (networks to connect the world) and thermostat, car’s electric system, automatic transmissions (smart machines). He accepts that the computers have changed the scenario quite a lot. He thinks that to say we are in a computer age will be hurry now because he thinks it is still latent and many things are waiting to happen. He then examines the query whether the computers have been good or bad to us. He easily states that to declare it, we need to check our own living standard. As we are having latest technology in every field, it is doing well to us. And equally important is to evaluate that the computers have made us...
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