Computers Can Replace Books

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Computers are now seen in each and every house. Compare books with computers; computers are a high-technology which one can access to internet to find information and so on, while books are something written by an author to pass on knowledge or facts and so on. In this essay I am going to discuss about the beneficial of computers and books, and is computers really a replacement for books? And we shall find out.

Indeed computers are convenience to carry around nowadays but does it mean books will be replaced? People from all walks of life are arguing about this. Books are convenience to bring around and till today books are l not replaced by computers in schools. Even though Ministry of Education (MOE) tries to imply computers to schools, experiments are done. However, it seems to be not working, the reason being is that the system did not continue or is spread to any other schools.

In addition, unlike computers that gives out radiation. To add on, scientists have given a statement that radiation can cause diseases to human and it harms male’s reproductive cells. Therefore they think that books are healthier than computers. I agree with what the scientists have stated, no matter what health is still the first priority.

Despite what I have stated in the first few paragraphs, there are people who disagree with it. Books have their usage so do the computers. Since the technology nowadays is so wonderful. Anyone can easily access to internet to find information etc. therefore, it brings convenience to people around.

However, when computers are able to access to internet, one can arrive at any social circles like ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘ICQ’ and etc. which aids in expanding one’s social circle. And books are not able to do this. To add on, computers have the ability to identify criminals using software, or to match DNA. And books do not have these ability.

Therefore, I disagree with the statement where it stated that, computers will replace books. No...
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