Cottage Industries

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Tripura handicraft industry is known for its delicate, fine and exquisitely designed items that has an internationally acclaimed status. Tripura is famous for its weaving industry that has helped to strengthen the financial base of the north eastern state of India. Apart from weaving, cane and bamboo products also are prominent items of the handicraft industries of Tripura.

Tripura Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd give special emphasis on marketing the exclusive items of the handicraft and handloom industries of the state to other states of India and abroad. The branch of the All India Handicraft Board in Agartala, imparts training on enhancing the quality of the exclusive items of the small scale cottage industries of Tripura.

Most of the local indigenous inhabitants of Tripura are engaged in the small scale cottage industries of Handloom and Handicrafts. The local craftsmen produce fine products from cane and bamboo which are easily available in the neighboring areas of Tripura.

Silk weaving and seri culture are the other prominent handicraft industries of the state. The silk weaving industries of the state produce world class silken items which are embroidered with colorful threads. Spread over an area of 500 hectares, the silk rearing and silk weaving industry has engaged several local men and women who earn their livelihood from the handicraft industries of Tripura.

One of the notable industries of Tripura, the handloom and handicraft units of the state produces beautiful products that portray the rich artistic caliber and creative imagination of the local craftsmen of the region. The state government has taken several steps to impart professional training to the native population of Tripura for further improvement in the design and quality of the handloom and handicraft items.

The Tripura handloom industry is a backbone of the economic development of the north eastern state of India. One of the prominent industries of...
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