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Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC


July 2008

Citizens’ Voice and Accountability Evaluation – Bangladesh Country Case Study

July 2008 Production: Swiss Cooperation Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh Cover Design: Designgrafik A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark This report can be ordered from the Swiss Cooperation Office in Dhaka: [email protected]

The report will, together with the four other Country Case Studies from Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Mozambique and Nepal, be placed on the CD-ROM inserted in the main evaluation report which will be published by the Department for International Development, DFID, later in the year:

The Bangladesh Country Case study was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and by the British Department for International Development. It has been undertaken by a team from Oxford Policy Management comprising Dr Dee Jupp, Dr Jeremy Holland, Sohel Ibn Ali and Jens Stanislawski. Responsibility for the content and presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations rests with the authors.


Citizens’ Voice and Accountability Evaluation – Bangladesh Country Case Study

Table of contents
List of tables and figures Acknowledgements Executive Summary Abbreviations and Glossary 1 2 Introduction Methodology 2.1 Analytical approach 2.2 Research questions 2.3 Case selection process 2.4 Methods and instruments Context for CVA 3.1 Country context 3.2 Donor landscape regarding CVA interventions Findings 4.1 Opportunities, constraints and entry points for CVA 4.2 Capacities of state and non-state actors 4.3 CVA channels: Actors and mechanisms 4.4 Changes in policy, practice, behaviour and power relations 4.5 Development Outcomes Lessons learned 5.1 Channels, mechanisms and processes 5.2 Pathways to broader development outcomes 5.3 CVA and aid effectiveness Recommendations Terms of reference Methodology Context analysis Political and institutional framework Mapping and key features of main actors Social and political landscape Recent events that shape opportunities and risks for voice and accountability Donor Landscape Intervention summary sheets Reaching Out-of-School Children (ROSC) Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) iv v vi x 1 2 2 3 3 7 8 8 13 15 15 17 23 27 31 33 33 38 38 41 44 45 52 61 61 67 74 78 82 91 92 98





Annexes Annex A. Annex B. Annex C. C.1. C.2. C.3. C.4. C.5. Annex D. D.1. D.2.


Citizens’ Voice and Accountability Evaluation – Bangladesh Country Case Study

D.3. D.4. D.5. D.6. D.7. D.8. D.9. D.10. D.11. Annex E. Annex F.

Financial Management Reform Programme (FMRP) Mass-line Media Centre (MMC) Bangladesh Quality Education for All/ CAMPE “We Can” Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) ‘Making Waves’ Bangladesh Sanjukta Sramic Federation (BSSF) Rupantar Grassroots Women’s Leadership Samata – Empowerment Through Resource Mobilisation GTZ brokered dialogue within the Promotion of Social Environmental and Production Standards in the Ready Made Garment Sector (PROGRESS) Table of People and Documents Consulted Summary of Stakeholder Debriefing Workshop

105 111 119 125 130 137 143 151 159 164 169


Citizens’ Voice and Accountability Evaluation – Bangladesh Country Case Study

List of tables and figures
Table 2.1 Table 2.2 Table 3.1 Table B.1. Table B.2. Table B.3. Table B.4. Table C.1. Table C.2. Table C.3. Table C.4. Table C.5. Table C.6. Table C.7. Table C.8. Selected CV & A case studies Research methods used Top ten donors to Bangladesh Typology of interventions and case studies contributing to these types How proposed case studies met other criteria Participatory methods used in the case studies DAC Evaluation Criteria and CVA questions Worldwide Governance Indicators Selected Economic Indicators Overview of main political parties Overview of...

References: IV Relevant Primary and Secondary data collected during the field work Documents
DFID, 2001
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