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Crash's main white characters are depicted in comfortable positions, both socially and economically. Jean and Rick Cabot, played by Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser respectively, are well-off L.A. socialites, as Rick is the District Attorney of Los Angeles. Tony Danza makes a cameo as a television executive producer who tells Black producer Cameron Thayer (Terence Howard), one of the few financially secure (but not exactly socially secure) minority roles in the film, to make one of his actors speak "more black" because that character was "supposed to be the dumb one." John Ryan, played by Matt Dillon, and Tom Hansen, played by Ryan Phillippe, are both police officers in the Los Angeles Police Department. All the main white characters are never shown struggling with their financial situations. Meanwhile, many (but notably, not all) of the minority characters are portrayed as destitute or powerless socially. Michael Pena's character Daniel is a working-class younger Hispanic family man with a young daughter. The daughter is shown sleeping under the bed because she heard a gunshot, which we find out scares her because she had a bullet go through her room in the old house they have just moved from, which Daniel comments was a "bad neighborhood." He works as for a 24-hour locksmith who goes on a call at Jean and Rick Cabot's house, where after being robbed at gunpoint by a pair of young Black car thieves named Anthony (Ludacris) and Peter (Larenz Tate), Jean shouts out that she wants the locks changed because she thinks Daniel will sell off key to his supposed gang member friends. Daniel is within earshot and hears her comments from down the hallway. We also see Daniel fix the back door lock of Farhad's convenience store. Daniel warns that the door itself needs replacing, which Farhad, an older Persian man, seems to misunderstand and eventually leads to a screaming match where Farhad accuses Daniel of being a cheater. Yet Officer Ryan's main plight in the film deals...
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