Crash - Analysis

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Crash – Analysis

Racism is a truly difficult subject matter to discuss about publicly. Crash is a movie that challenged me in many different ways and it has an interesting story that many individuals can relate to. I believe it should be watched with an open-mind and an appropriate attitude.

I had never watched Crash until this assignment and I was very confused, at first, as to how I felt about it. I had heard many great things about this particular movie and my expectations were definitely met, but I have to admit that it was very much out of my comfort zone. I had a hard time watching a movie that was only about racism. There were hardly any breaks from such a harsh subject matter to let the viewer breath and feel comfortable. In my opinion, the movie seemed quite negative and depressing. It was only at the end where I began to have hope for certain characters in the movie and felt more at ease watching it.

However, Crash had many beautiful moments that really inspired me to have faith in society. These particular moments reflected what good moral nature could bring for this world. For example, when Farhad almost shot little Elizabeth, Daniel’s daughter. That moment was amazingly executed to prove a very important point. It is important to listen to others and think before you act. Every action you make has its own reaction and can have horrible ramifications if you aren’t careful. To me, she symbolized innocence and love, and those things just shouldn’t be destroyed. This message helps me to believe that there’s still a lot of good left in this world, but we need to take care of it.

This movie also made the viewers question their initial judgment on certain characters as they developed throughout the story. This was a challenge for me because I could never commit to a certain opinion of someone and it was an uncomfortable feeling. I would much prefer a character that is defined clearly as good or bad, and learns a valuable lesson at the end....
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