Crime Scene Investigation Training Program

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HRM Training
HRM 420

HRM Training
Executive Summary
The two online training that I watched include Crime scene training blood and fingerprints. The videos give training on how to use blood and fingerprints as evidence in a scene of a crime. The presentation involves the use of animated images to provide the trainee with a deeper understanding of the information discussed. The management should implement training techniques such as seminars and fieldwork. These traditional modes of training are flexible and provide the reader with diverse understanding the subject. However, the video presentation is effective when giving a set of instructions to a particular employee. Body

The two presentations are directed to a similar audience since they both involve trainees of the investigation department. The first video is about the use of fingerprints to identify a criminal. The video explains that if a criminal’s fingerprints are located at the crime scene, they can be analyzed and used to determine the people present at the scene of the crime. It guides the trainee on what to do or not to when collecting the fingerprints data in the field. Further, it provides a more realistic approach to addressing the issue by utilizing images in the presentation. The video would achieve the objectives of imparting practical knowledge concerning various aspects of the investigation to the learner. In an organization, the training technique would be effective as it incorporates the various elements of communication such as visual aids and animation. The presentation would not take a long time to achieve its objectives since it summarizes the whole learning process into one video presentation. Lastly, the video would appeal to learners who are beginners in the field. The experienced members of the department would not find the presentation effective. The tutorial is effective, but it is not worth one hundred and...

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