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This course develops the skills used in writing applied research papers for a university-level audience. Students will write position papers, persuasive essays, and case study analyses. Students will study classical rhetorical concepts of authority and the Toulmin method of argument analysis, and will evaluate outside sources for objectivity and utility in constructing persuasive arguments. Students practice giving peer feedback, revising essays in response to feedback, and writing collaboratively as Learning Teams. The course reviews the elements of grammar, mechanics, style, and proper documentation of outside sources. WEEK 1 - TOPIC 1: ARGUMENT ANALYSIS AND PERSUASIVE WRITING IN ACADEMIC WRITING Objectives

* Explain how data is shaped by the genre or format of writing in which it is presented. * Describe how to organize the written material for maximum persuasive effect. * Apply organization and presentation principles to a persuasive essay. Materials

* Textbooks used in this course:
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Lamm, R., & Everett, J. (2007). Dynamic argument. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin. * Readings for Week One:
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Ch. 1 of Dynamic Argument
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Ch. 5 of Dynamic Argument
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Ch. 6 of Dynamic Argument
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Ch. 7 of Dynamic Argument
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Ch. 17 of Dynamic Argument
* Read the following sections in Ch. 17:
* The Market in Fear
* A World Becoming More Peaceful?
* Do We Fear the Right Things?
* EBOOK COLLECTION:  Ch. 19 of Dynamic Argument
* Read the following sections in Ch. 19:
* Bang, You're Dead
* Parents Need Help
* Why Eminem is a Problem
* Why Eminem is Important
* READING:  University of Phoenix Essay Guidelines
* Other Materials for...
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