Cyber Crime

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1. Introduction 2

2. Cyber Crime

1. Classification of cyber crime 3

2. Comparison of cyber crimes in Malaysia and USA 6

3. Suggestion of reduce cyber crimes 9

3. Conclusion 11

4. References 12

1.0 Introduction

Since the internet had been introduced to public during the mid-1990s, it had changed the human’s lifestyle. Until now, with the finger clip at home, we can buy all the things we need, enjoy the music and movie without going to cinema, and also contact with friends and families whose are staying at other countries. Computer and internet have brought a lot of convenience to us. They make our life easier and complete. But just like a Chinese proverb mentioned: “water can carry a boat, can also capsize it.” Internet and computer can bring many benefits when we use it wisely and vice versa, it also giving the chance to the criminals to use it to prey on unsuspecting victims who are IT-savvy.

Thus, in this paper, we will discuss about the criminal that happen by using internet and computer that is cybercrime. Before we discussed further about the cybercrime, we need to know the definition of cybercrime first. According to the definition of Symantec Company which produce Norton antivirus, cybercrime can be defined as “any crime that is committed using a computer or network, or hardware device”. The computer or device may be the agent of the crime, the facilitator of the crime or the target of the crime. has given us the clearer view about the cyber crime. According to the website, when a user downloads the songs from illegal website without paying the fee, it was considered as a kind of cybercrime. Some other example of cybercrime includes creating and spreading the virus to others’ computer via internet.

2.1 Classification of cyber crimes
When we talked about the cybercrime, we may only know that cybercrime refer to the crime that related to the computer and internet. But what exactly is the cybercrime? How much we know about the cybercrime and how are we going to classify the cybercrime? According to Prashant Mali (specialize in Cyber Law Consulting), cybercrime can be classified into 4 major groups and the examples of each group of cybercrime will be included also.

2.1.1 Cyber crime against Individual
From the terms individual, we can guess that this kind of crimes are mainly focus on personal. Cyber crimes against individual include email spoofing, spamming on e-mail, cyber defamation and cyber stalking. Email spoofing referred to the e-mail which header is faked or forged so that mail seems to originate from the address that victims know but actually has been sent from another address. Usually the mail header is attractive so that the victims will open the mail. We should have such experience – found a lot of mails from unknown sender or source when open our mail account. Spamming always mean sending multiple copies of unsolicited mails or mass e-mails such as chain letters. Don’t doubt it, spamming on e-mail also can considered as kind of cyber crime. On the other hand, cyber defamation occurs when it takes place with the assist of computer tools and the Internet. Nowadays, people always publish defamatory matter about someone on a social website like Facebook or Myspace and it always caused huge impact to the person who was defamed. No matter the...

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