cyber crime

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Facebook has become a force to reckon with in the field of social networking. It has been ranked as the number one social networking site with a membership of over five hundred million. It has earned trust from many people who have in turn exposed their information without thinking twice into which hands it might fall. Despite the positive contribution and impact that Facebook has provided, it still has a weak point that is easy to manipulate and misuse - this is the anonymity of the internet. It is hard to tell that the person you are interacting with on Facebook is whom he or she claims to be. It is also easy to hack someone’s account on Facebook and use it for personal gain and in most cases criminal activities. This has redefined cybercrime making it grow and graduate to a new level where it is difficult to differentiate between crime and genuine activities on the internet. Many crimes such as drug peddling have advanced to the level where it is hard to tell what is going on unless one understands the language that is being used by the involved parties. This study intends to establish how much cybercrime has grown as a result of social networks in general and Facebook in particular. The study also intends to enlighten the users of social networks on the existence of such crimes. Moreover, the study will strive to ascertain the number of people who fallen victim to such crimes, the consequences and how they got out of the situation. The study will be conducted using a questionnaire survey. Pertinent issues from the questionnaire survey will be pursued and clarified through probing questions posed to the interviewees. The resultant data will be analyzed using t-test, chi-square, correlation descriptive statistics and regression analysis. ChapterOne:Introduction

1.1 Background to the Study
The field of social networking and communication has undergone major reforms since the inception of Facebook. When Facebook was put into place, it became easy for people to network. It also provided an efficient venue for companies to advertise their products and services. Facebook indeed redefined communication. With the excitement that came up with the Facebook communication power, people begun to freely and carelessly expose their information without bearing in mind that the information could fall in wrong hands. This gave cybercrime an opportunity to evolve and manipulate this new technology that was hitherto intended to give people control in communication. This explains why Facebook is frequently targeted by cybercriminals who want to gain greater control in this new innovation of the twenty first century. Facebook is a social networking site that was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, a former student of Harvard University. Zuckerberg’s intention was to create a networking site that would enable people from different parts of the world to interact and share their experiences freely and at no cost hence contributing majorly in making the world a global village. Facebook is the most popular online social networking tool in use at the moment. This has made it susceptible to scammers and phishers. Users are at risk of falling victims of cybercrime, particularly Facebook phishing scams. The popularity of Facebook is very high; currently it ranked the number two website and number one social site. It commands a membership of over five hundred million users’ worldwide. Many people have taken advantage of this technology to communicate by writing on each other’s virtual wall, sending email and chatting. Facebook has strengthened communication by providing its users a centralized online social hub. It has also been used by companies and organizations to advertise their products and services. This captive audience has allowed malicious people to conduct their evil deeds on innocent unsuspecting people. References? Cybercrime is a...

References: ChapteTwo:LiteratureReview
Social Networking sites have become the new go-to attack point for malware, phishing and spam, and security vendor Sophos found in its Security Threat Report, 2011
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