Dancing Girls: a Case Study

Topics: Case study, Trousers, Dance music Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: April 13, 2011
During my cool hunting session I focused on three female specimens, estimated ages between 18-22 years, each wearing an article of clothing or outfit that I had never seen worn in any other context before. All three of the ladies were discovered during a “dubstep” concert, which took place at the restaurant/bar Quincy's on Seventh on Thursday April 7th, 2011. Dubstep is a very slow, bass heavy electronic music, and when I have attended shows in the past there was always a great number of people wearing unconventional clothing; it seemed like a reasonable and convenient place to cool hunt while enjoying the music, as I was able to sit at a table near the dance floor and quickly sketch the case studies. The first lady (Fig. 1) (Fig. 2), studied at approximately 10:45 pm during a particularly intense dance session, was wearing a skin-tight horizontal thin-stripe black and white jumpsuit. The purpose of this jumpsuit seemed to be to accentuate her purposeful, delicate, liquid-like movements throughout the songs, drawing crowds of eyes to herself in order to display her dedication to the “scene” (i.e. The Dubstep Dance Scene). This display was enhanced by the shifting distracting movements of the lines that covered her from nearly head to toe, alluding to the stripes of a poisonous snake. I am under the impression that this fashion choice of horizontal striped jumpsuits will take off very soon, due to several reasons: First of all, horizontal stripes are used on women's clothing already as a thinning technique; most women do want to look thinner because of social constructs placed on them by advertising companies, so to cover them from head-to-toe in stripes and advertise such a jumpsuit as the ultimate thinning device seems like a logical step. Secondarily, for women who already posses some form of grace and liquidity in their movements, unique full-body skin-tight coverings only seem to enhance this elegance and shapeliness, as seen in films such as Kill Bill and...
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