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Assignment: Decision Making Questionnaire

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When I make decisions, I tend to rely on my intuition.
I rarely make important decisions without consulting other people. When I make a decision, it is more important for me to feel the decision is right than to have a rational reason for it. I double-check my information sources to be sure I have the right facts before making decisions. I use the advice of other people in making my important decisions. I put off making decisions because thinking about them makes me uneasy. I make decisions in a logical and systematic way.

When making decisions I do what feels natural at the moment. I generally make snap decisions.
I like to have someone steer me in the right direction when I am faced with important decisions. My decision making requires careful thought.
When making a decision, I trust my inner feelings and reactions. When making a decision, I consider various options in terms of a specified goal. I avoid making important decisions until the pressure is on. I often make impulsive decisions.

When making decisions, I rely upon my instincts.
I generally make decisions that feel right to me.
I often need the assistance of other people when making important decisions. I postpone decision making whenever possible.
I often make decisions on the spur of the moment.
I often put off making important decisions.
If I have the support of others, it is easier for me to make important decisions. I generally make important decisions at the last minute. I make quick decisions.
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