Decision Making Work Study

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Decision Making Case Study
This case discusses Office Raymond Ripley who used force and carried out police pursuit against the new policy that has been introduced by the department that has prohibited pursuits in cases where there is no sign of violent felony crime and the public being put in danger or a situation that would justify the potential liability and danger. Central Issues

The first central issue that could be found in this story is that Deputy Raymond “Racin’ Ray” Ripley “engages in vehicle and foot pursuits and every opportunity” (Peak, 2010), goes home and gets his german shepard when conducting late-night building checks, and has a taser stun device in his trunk which he is not allowed to have because he is not trained or certified (Peak, 2010). When it comes to the actual case study, a central issue that Deputy Ripley has is that he is automatically thinking that nobody should be in his patrol sector after 8pm (Peak, 2010), and so any car he is going to automatically be thinking is doing something bad. When the car takes off at a high rate of speed towards Deputy Riley, he opens his door and lets his dog out at the car, fires his taser at the car when the car is passing (Peak, 2010), which again he is not authorized to have. Use of Force Policy

It is believed that Deputy Ripley was not in compliance with the use of force policy. This is believed because letting the dog out of the car is not going to do anything but put the dog in danger because of a speeding car. The warning shot that Deputy Ripley fired was also unnecessary because he could have shot and injured the suspect that was in the speeding car causing the car to lose control and who knows what would have have happened. What Deputy Riley should have done when he noticed the suspect get into his vehicle was to get into his vehicle and get prepared to begin pursuit while waiting for answers from dispatch as what to do. End the Pursuit

It is believed that the lieutenant...
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