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Topics: Communication, Control theory, Negative feedback Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: September 9, 2013
This essay is going to critically define the meaning of communication. Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. I will then go on and talk about the elements that make up a communication process which are sender, message, encoding, channel, receiver and decoding. Thirdly I will explain how these elements are necessary to make development effective. And lastly I will conclude by giving my view on how what I have talked about in this essay. Communication: a term with a great number of meanings. Rather than being taken as a sign of weakness or confusion, however, this diversity of conceptions and applications should be considered with strength (Denis Diderot 1753). It makes the world habitable, consciously involves sharing ideas, feelings, thoughts, and many other things that human share. Communication is the process of sharing ideas, feelings, and messages with others (Ojomo 2004). According to Odini 1999, communication is one of the core competencies that all information professionals should possess. Robert M. Losee 1999; 1-15 defined communication as information that enters a process and eventually leaves its inverse process, for example information is transmitted by the speaking and received after processing by its inverse, hearing. This definition can be used to precisely describe and explain communication phenomena in an inclusive and exact manner. The nature of processes and their development is considered. Communication process may support other processes, including non-communicative, evolutionarily adaptive processes supporting survival and reproduction. Communication is expected to develop in self-organizing systems, given certain assumptions. Receiving processes may be understood as information filters and their performance described, predicted, and understood. Communication is a process, which involves organising, selecting and transmitting symbols in an appropriate way to ensure the listener perceives and...

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