Differences Between Daisy and Brett

Topics: Woman, The Great Gatsby, American literature Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 4, 2007
Differences between Daisy and Brett
Thesis: Daisy and Brett differ in conformity, personality, and lifestyle. II.Body
A. Daisy
1. Conformity
2. Personality
3. Lifestyle
B. Brett
1. Conformity
2. Personality
3. Lifestyle

Differences between Daisy and Brett
In the two novels, "The Great Gatsby" and "The Sun Also Rises," the differences between the two major female characters are greatly evident. Daisy, who is a major female character in "The Great Gatsby," and Brett, who is a major female character in "The Sun Also Rises," plays major roles in providing apparent themes for the two novels. They do so with different strategies and beliefs. Daisy and Brett differ in conformity, personality, and lifestyle.

Daisy is a beautiful young woman who is married to Tom Buchanan. She is expected to be like other proper women of that time; therefore, she is. She is not independent and relies on her husband Tom for everything. In the novel, "The Great Gatsby," Daisy can not decide between her husband Tom and her past lover Gatsby. In chapter seven it states, "As Tom left the room again Daisy got up and went over to Gatsby, and pulled his face down kissing him on the mouth." She then murmured, "You know I love you." This shows that she does not have a personality of her own and that she can not make decisions alone. In chapter one, Miss Baker states, "We ought to plan something." Daisy then replies, "All right, what will we plan?" She then turned to Nick, the narrator, helplessly and asked, "What do people plan?" She lives an exuberant lifestyle with her wealthy husband and she gets everything she wants. In chapter one Nick states, "Their house was even more elaborate that I expected, a cheerful red and white Georgian Colonial mansion overlooking the bay." Money is the source of her contentment as she states, "I'm p-paralyzed with happiness."

In "The Sun Also Rises,"...
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