Different Types of Schools

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Different Types of Schools
When making a decision as important and influential as where to attend school, it is important to be aware of the differences that make each school unique and therefore either right or wrong for you. It can be quite problematic to choose which one is best; there is a lot to think about when choosing a school for yourself or your child's education. Parents usually have some trepidation concerning the options for their child's school. Concerns usually center around the schools' and teachers' reputation for integrity and academic excellence. Three forms of education are available to parents: public, private and home schooling. Private schools are also known as independent schools. Because they are private, this means that the government does not fund them through taxes. Parents will most likely be expected to pay a sizable tuition if they want to send their children to a private school. Also, private schools can be selective about their students. The student may have to apply and meet certain school standards for admission. However, most private schools offer opportunities for scholarships through sports, the arts or academic achievement. Private schools provide transportation to children who meets there criteria. Public schools are sometimes referred to as state schools. It normally refers to secondary schools which are supported by government funds collected from taxpayers. Parents who send their children to a public school do not have to pay for tuition. Costs would extend to additional school materials and possibly bought lunches, which can also be subsidized by government funds if the family meets certain household income requirements. Public schools also provide transportation via bus for some children who live a certain amount of distance from the school. Home schooling is a form of education which takes place in the home. Typically, parents or a hired tutor teaches the child or children at home. Some parents believe home...
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