Does School Prepare You for Real Life?

Topics: High school, Education, Corporal punishment Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Does Schools Prepare You for Real Life?

High School could simply become one of those places where your knowledge about the world builds up, however not everybody remember being given a chance to spread their wings and fly for the first time. It is not until when students graduates from the restrictive environment where students were led through all kinds of trouble or given a second chance for almost everything, and in the end, the “happiest kids” most people so admired in High School are often the ones who struggle the hardest in the real world. So is this teachers’ fault? Or is it just the reflection of the lack of control of young people’s life. With these problems in mind, school clearly does not do enough to prepare children to step into the society smoothly. Students may begin to learn the social aspects of the informal real world in school, but that is it. Once students graduate they have to gain experiences to business etiquette and formal socialization outside of school, and most likely all alone. The worst, is that every year thousands of new high school graduates faces struggles with their money control, most of the time without knowing where their money went after they realized they have none in their hands. This shows that in school, students have too much theory and too little practice. The core and soul of the student is not trained to understand who they should become as they get older. Instead of learning about how an atom could become an ion, they should be learning elementary skills that is needed on a daily bases with communication skills, the feeling of responsibility of every action, and social psychology as examples. Memorized facts that were hammered into students only give them the score they required to get out of school, which does not represent their score of life. Academic achievements don’t stand much unless University is the next destination. Therefore in a way university degrees are the only truly creditable academic...
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