Dogs Have Feelings Too

Topics: Dog, Pet, Extreme weather Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Dogs Have Feelings Too!

Having a dog as a pet comes with so many responsibilities that many are not prepared for. This is why I believe we should require a license to own a pet. With this license a first time dog owner class would be required. This might seem very extreme but too many dogs die from a lack of food, fresh water, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, being hit by a car, a lack of vet care, or depression. This license would be for the safety of our pets and a help in reducing the amount of abused or abandoned dogs.

I have driven by in too many neighborhoods with tears in my eyes because I see a dog panting anxiously in the middle of the summer and with no water anywhere close to him, or seeing a dog so thin that it could barely stand. You see if you are thirsty or hungry you can simply get up and take care of those needs, but a dog does not have the means of opening up a faucet when he is thirsty or grabbing a snack out of the cabinet when hungry, He depends on these needs from his human.

Now let’s take another example, imagine that your three year old child has gotten out of the house and it is a chilling ten degrees below freezing. You do not know where he is at and whether he has a coat, or shoes. How desperate is this feeling? What makes a dog any different they have a beating heart, they feel cold and hot, they also need to be sheltered from the weather? And in taking in a dog you commit yourself in providing adequate shelter for him. This would also include providing a safe and spacious yard for them to run freely. For two years I have dropped my kids off at the middle school and every morning I see this dog with a huge chain. He maybe has five feet of room. I cannot imagine living the rest of my days tied up to a tree. These pets are active animals that are naturally curious and are meant to run around and interact with people and other animals. They were born as free animals once and it is highly unfair to expect a dog...
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