Each One, Teach One

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essay books


✓ Module if at all for Sundry Chapters else not required.

✓ Classes Notes

✓ Compilation

✓ Last four Papers

✓ For Standards (Rawat, Dolphy D’sa or Vijay Kumar)

FM :

✓ Classes Notes

✓ Compilation (approx 80% is covered by Jks)

✓ Last four Papers

✓ For Theory Compilation is enough.

✓ For conceptual understanding of Derivatives and allied chapters Shridhar is MUST but from exam point of view, Classess and compilation will do.


✓ Standards on auditing : Vinod Agarwal,

✓ For rest either Paduka or V.K.Agarwal

✓ For Revision Surbhi Bansal (First Edition : June-2010) and FTR of Paduka

✓ Concentrate more on Past Questions.

✓ Refer rawat for accounting standards


✓ Munish Bhandari Big Book for First Reading and understanding.

✓ For Revision and Exam Day Hand Book.

✓ A Summary notebook in your hand writing for covering various limits, applicability,etc for quick revision.


✓ For Theory Sanjay Agarwal (66 Pages) and Compilation.

✓ Classes Notes

✓ Compilation (J ks has covered O.R. part very well so you do not even have to look compilation for that but for rest of the part it is a MUST do.)


✓ Available Books (Paduka , Dinesh Madan, Devang Dalal)

✓ I have heard (from reliable sources) that Devang Dalal (First Edition : Aug-2010) has mostly used module language and covered it well , so it is preferred over others).

✓ A thorough reading of past papers is must so that you know what you are able to recollect and relate.

✓ RTP is must do.


✓ Either Manoharan or Vinod Gupta. (Singhania is too vast).

✓ Classes Notes (Either Shirish Sir or Durgesh Sir)

✓ Amendment and Case Laws Book issued by ICAI- (most of the paper comes from here)

✓ Case Laws given by Durgesh Sir are also good.


✓ BANGAR only book commonly referred.

✓ Summary Notes of Tayals Classess


Finals ka portion Sagar hai, So you need to be sure enough that you should not get drowned and are able to swim well !!!

In all You should give 1 reading and 2 revisions so that you are comfortable. Only one revision will keep you too much confused, worried and under-confident (meaning it will do from point of view of exams but your state of mind is also important).

Approx 6 months DEDICATED study is MUST. (It happens that once you get worried or tensed your efficiency and concentration decreases and that is bound to happen so try your best to concentrate well because concentrated studies reduces most of your work load.)

Some days you would feel like you wasted completely or were out of your mind or were feeling low. Some days you would be charged up and energy would be high. It’s is all normal.

Take up 1 practical and 1 Theory at a time so that the boredom of theory is wiped out by the Practical. If doing Both daily, prefer doing Practicals at the end of the day as then you are too much tired so taking up theory would not be as much fruitful.

For Theory :-

In First reading you come across many new concepts which may make you confused, worried or interested.

In second reading / revision , you would start recognizing and recollecting most of them.

In Third one You Should recollect Things.

(My advice would be keep a main book (thick one) and a summary book for theory because the quantum is such that you can’t revise the thick book again and again. So, summary will help you to at least recollect the things in totality which will in turn help you gain confidence. If you take up the big book again n again you may leave it half the way and hence anyways you would not be able to have full coverage so better know something of everything rather than knowing everything of...
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