Economic Growth

Topics: Environment, Economics, Environmentalism Pages: 6 (1861 words) Published: January 17, 2014
Economic growth is the main goal of every nation around the world. To develop globalization among countries, to produce more products, to increase wages, to create a higher level of education, to build infrastructures, to improve technology, to have a better life; are what all the people strive for. But in doing all that, does that mean that people are living a better life? Or is it just the ideal of doing better? Taking a look at it closely, the effects of economic growth are more on positive points, but what about its negative effects? One of the most common disadvantages that individuals can relate with economic growth here in the Philippines is environmental protection. As citizens try to enhance the quality of life, often times, the environment is left at stake. As part of the society, citizens must do something about it; give some ways to solve it. One way is to conduct a study about how economic growth and the environment protection are related with one another. The De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, Mathematics Department in the College of Science, has given tasks to students which is to create a mathematical model that would fit to the theme, “Taking Responsibility in Environmental and Ecological Sustainability (TREES)”.

In order to construct a model showing the relationship between the country’s economic growth and the environmental protection applied; first, this research will discuss clearly what economic growth and environmental protection are; the negative effects of economic growth, some examples of environmental protections, and some movements in restoring the environment. Second, this study will show the gathered information that the researchers will use in order to formulate the model and finally, the model itself will be formulated, from there, we can see the connection of the economy with the environment. This research aims to give additional knowledge to the students, as well as the community people about the said subject matter (economic growth and environmental protection). It informs the government officials that economic stability goes hand in hand with the environment. Moreover, this study can help the economists and the environmentalists decide on how they can improve the country’s economic stability without sacrificing the country’s setting. They should do decisions accordingly and should not left anything behind. The information that will be gathered is based from surveys, interviews, consulted printed and non-printed sources. The study encompasses clear discussions of what economic growth and environment protection are; and the formulation of the mathematical model itself. The information that the researchers will be gathering are basically from Brgy. San Agustine 3, Dasmariñas City, Cavite.

The study covers Barangay San Agustin 3 of Dasmariñas City in the province of Cavite in terms of its economic growth and environmental protection, particularly the factors that influence individual economic choices and how the choices of various decision makers affects the overall behavior and performance of the said barangay. In order to act this out, the researchers will be divided and assigned to different areas such as gathering of related and significant information about the Barangay through the help of the Barangay Captain and the use of internet for more supporting files. The researchers are also looking forward to conduct a survey to at least 20 residents of Barangay San Agustin 3 and, to interview some people who are knowledgeable of the barangay’s economic and environment status for additional basis for the research. The estimated budget for the research is 1000 PHP which will be produced through the equal contribution of each member. This amount will be used for the group research expenses such as transportation fare, printing and documentation expenses, etc. to be able to comply and submit all requirements needed. The...
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