Elektra Products Case Study

Topics: Management, Case study, Proposal Pages: 5 (1620 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Case Analysis: Elektra Products, Inc.

Problem/Issue Analysis:
This case details the change in the Elektra Products, Inc. company into an employee involved and empowered organization. It discusses how Martin Griffin and the rest of the department heads deal with the implementation of the empowerment campaign. Primarily, majority of the company employees upon hearing of the plan have shown disinterest and skepticism to the idea. The negative response towards Griffin’s speech supports such and is due to everyone’s low morale, loss of trust towards the company and bad communication from the system. However, the central issue in this case is why the task of assigning problem-solving teams within the company employees, specifically the team of Barbara Russell, to come up with ideas for empowerment failed to be effective for the organization. The strong objection of the department heads proves the weak arguments they have presented. In addition, the abrupt exit of Martin Griffin halfway through the team presentations was a factor as to why the objections were strongly placed upon Russell’s team. Generally, the ideas that the team of Barbara Russell presented lacked refinement since many factors involved were not taken into consideration. This case aims to provide a successful plan of action towards involvement and empowerment of the company employees and to establish a harmonious relationship with one another in the process.

Analysis/Evaluation of Alternative Actions:
      The stakeholders in this case are: Management or department heads – they are the people who have vested interest in profit thereby restructuring the company into an empowered and involved community to successfully address the cruel situations the company is facing. Martin Griffin spearheaded the task of implementation assigning several teams to come up with ideas. Barbara Russell being the manufacturing head were one of the teams. Company employees – they are the workers distributed into various departments with specific tasks assigned to them by the management.       At the end of the case, Barbara can either abandon their proposals, give in to the strong objections of the departmend heads and instead, allow them to plan the changes or push for reforms and allow the creation of a learning organization. The first alternative continues to develop an organized system for empowerment across the departments having a systematic way of information dissemination. The authority that arises from the first alternative will not bring any opposition thus allowing changes to happen smoothly in result bring success to empowerment goals. However, the retention of a hierarchical organization can be a mishap in establishing harmonious relationships amongst the organization because the power is still concentrated within the top management. The second alternative is more democratic as compared to the first. The creation of a learning organization would mean a collaboration and communication within the people in the company. This can enhance relationships promoting trust and harmony within the company. In this way, company employees and the management display a more honest system making the entire organization transparent to issues it is facing, good or bad, and involving everyone in identifying and solving the problems. However, the loss of hierarchy can make the top management feel inferior. Also, a heavy burden is placed upon them because irresponsible handling of democracy upon company employees can lead to failure and a chaotic scene.       For a company struggling to be empowered, the most feasible and effective alternative would be the second alternative which is to create a more learning organization. The ability of both parties, management and company employees, to be involved and share on their expertise is a good learning process making problem-solving easier for the company. Managers encourage a team-based, democratic and communicating organization. The issues...
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