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Topics: Management, Look to Windward, Inversions Pages: 4 (1003 words) Published: March 15, 2014
The main reason for this is the radical changes put in place so rapidly with immediate effect. This resulted in lack of structure and consistency throughout the whole chain stores, as you gave each store manager to much autonomy to change the store i.e. decor, food menu etc., the business culture values as a whole was lost and that was what made the business a success before. I understand some changes had to be made but not so drastically. The loss of business culture and lack of dimension of structure had a lot negative effect in the business especially demographic and sociology factor wise as regular customers dislike the changes and constant change in staff router, the reason for this was staff/managers never has any incentive target to work towards so they would leave after short while which causes extra expenditure cost. Some good ideas drawn from the case study but presented in a quite unstructured way Part b)

In Study session 1 we introduced a series a metaphors to describe a business one of them was business as a culture which is a pattern of belief and expectation shared by the organisational members. These beliefs and expectation produces norms that powerfully shape the behaviour of individual and groups within the organisation. As you recruited new staff with no experience and gave managers freedom to change each branch to their liking it took away the business identity and culture. The cause of this is inadequate training giving to new staff and lack of knowing the root/history of the business. A good example is how Disney world recruit and trains their staff, after passing the first phase the second is enrolling at university of Disney land where they undergo forty-hour apprenticeship programme, employee learn about the history and philosophy of Disneyland, and the regulation and procedures that govern work. The way Disney recruits is essential to keep hold of the business ethics and culture. OK but make sure the TMA maintains focus on the set...
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