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Ready for Some SPICE in Your Life?


Over the last two years I have had a lot of spice in my life. It began at ASQ’s 2008 World Congress for Software Quality Conference held in Bethesda, MD where I was assisting as volunteer conference staff. While at a conference luncheon I met Dr. Linda Ibrahim, Chief Engineer for Process Improvement at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Dr. Ibrahim was one of the conference speakers as well as having served as a member of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI® ) Steering Group, which gave us an immediate connection. As we talked, I discovered that she was also the International Project Leader for the development of a new enterprise integrated, standards-based, quality model called Enterprise SPICE®. Because of this fortunate meeting and her recognition of my extensive experience in software process improvement, she invited me to join the Enterprise SPICE Project as a process author.

What? History of SPICE

SPICE, an acronym for Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination, is an international framework for assessment of software processes jointly developed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The stated purpose of the SPICE standard, described in ISO/IEC 15504, is to provide a structured approach for the assessment of software processes by or on behalf of an organization [ISO 1998a] to support and maintain a culture of continuous improvement. This standard provides technology organizations with a model for performing an assessment, a description of tools that may be used as part of the assessment process and a discussion of factors that contribute to the success of such an assessment.

The Enterprise SPICE® model is a major international initiative, based on the ISO/IEC 15504 standard, created to establish an integrated and standards-based process assessment model to be used across the entire enterprise to be applicable at both the project and organizational level. The model contains both process purpose and outcome statements, and the measurable attributes necessary to manage and improve process capability. The Enterprise SPICE® model integrates practices from widely recognized international standards and sources of best practice along with an integrated approach for assessment and improvement, thus eliminating the need for enterprises to use multiple assessment models.

Where is it described? Present SPICE Release.

The initial release of the Enterprise SPICE® model is now available to the public in the document titled Enterprise SPICE® An Integrated Model for Enterprise-wide Assessment and Improvement Technical Report – Issue 1 (here referred to as TR1). In the acknowledgements, Dr. Ibrahim states: “Enterprise SPICE is an innovative approach seeking to bring together codified standards and the ISO/IEC 15504 assessment framework to efficiently and effectively serve the enterprise in its pursuit of performance excellence. This initial release of the Enterprise SPICE model represents our first efforts towards achieving this vision.”[i]

How were the Sources determined

The baseline source model for the development of Enterprise SPICE® is the FAA’s integrated Capability Maturity Model [FAA-iCMM] and its extensions developed by Dr. Ibrahim and her team. Many of the original sources were integrated initially for the first FAA-iCMM model in 1997 and were also applied to version 2 of the FAA-iCMM which was used for this effort. Since the wide range of international quality models continues to grow and be revised, the Enterprise SPICE project stakeholders reexamined and added to the sources that were then mapped to the processes in Enterprise SPICE®. The exact mappings used for deriving each process are contained in Appendix G of the TR1, but Table A lists the main sources for Enterprise SPICE®.

Table A: Sources for...
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