ETHICS CASE Template and Question 1

Topics: Evaluation methods, Case study, Ethics Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Project on Ethics Case_FALL 2014
Attached Files to the blackboard for Project 1:

NSPE codes of ethics for engineers
Example Ethics Cases (total 12 examples)
Rubric f for evaluation
Template for submission and one assign case

Instructor got the permission from National Society of Professional Engineers to review their case studies. Materials can be found at following web site Reminders for Project 1:

Review the engineering code of ethics.
Review the example ethics cases from 2013
Complete the case study according to template and provided rubric f This project must be completed as individuals
Submit your Project 1 in a MS Word file via the drop box.
Name your project as surname_firstname_PROJECT1, for example tokgoz_berna_PROJECT1 Deadline of the project is December 3, 2014 until 10.00 pm

A company which has recently been cited for state environmental law violations is seeking a variance from a state environmental regulation because the cost to comply would be very high. The company plant is in need of modernization. Engineer A works for the state environmental department and has been assigned to review the variance request. Engineer A is very experienced, having worked on the original regulation as a technical expert, and he is also familiar with industry practices and operations. Following a review, Engineer A makes a preliminary recommendation that the state environmental department decline to issue the variance, and he informs the agency head, who is not an engineer, of this matter. Following a meeting between the agency head, and the company, the agency head directs Engineer A to issue the variance. Part of Engineer A’s responsibility will be to testify at the state pollution control board hearing describing the technical grounds for approving the request. Question:

What are Engineer A’s obligations under these circumstances? References
You should be identifying 2-5 references...
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