Ethics Exam

Topics: Case study, Principle, Work Pages: 8 (1978 words) Published: September 23, 2013
CEE 440 Ethics Exam
Winter 2013

This exam is for you to do individually with no collaboration with fellow students. Hello, this is an ethics exam. The subject of the exam is engineering ethics and professional responsibility. The exam is based on material in the documents listed below.

DUE: March 8th at noon in the Dropbox at the course web site.

Resources Attached:

ASCE Code of Ethics

ASCE Ethics Guidelines

Case Studies

Exam Questions: All questions are of equal value: 10 points each. Keep your answers short; a correct answer surrounded by incorrect answers is incorrect. All work must be done electronically. Do not print the exam, write out the answers, scan it and then send it in. I don’t know why anyone would do this but it’s happened to me twice.

Put your answers immediately following the question on a new row; use the space you need for an adequate short answer. Example:
Q) Why did the fox jump over the dog?
A) The fox did not like the dog.


1) A student downloads 75% of their term paper from the Internet. The professor thinks something is up because the paper is of the quality that students could not usually produce. The professor has the TA run the paper through one of the plagiarism software packages that checks the paper against 24 billion web pages. The check clearly shows the material was “borrowed” from a journal article.

What Canon of Ethics and Principle were violated?
(Canon X Principle Y: Just give the numbers you don’t need text)

A) Fundamental Principles: 2, 3
Fundamental Canons: 3, 4, 5, 6

What should happen to the student who is in the last quarter before graduation with $60,000 in loans and no job prospects?

A) The student should be subject to the punishment put in place by the university in regards to plagiarism. He should not get a reduced penalty just because it is his last quarter because he still made the decision to break the rule.

What percent of students you know have ever copied material from the internet? __50__%

2) The professor gave the student above a zero on the paper but the student was able to get a passing grade in the course. Since this was the student’s first offense, a zero on that paper was all that was allowed. The student graduated and went to work for a major consulting firm that was incredibly busy getting proposals finished and turned in to meet strict deadlines. One minute late and your proposal is not considered. You are assigned to provide 5 pages of background material on national experience using a new model to predict water runoff in arid areas.

Since you had downloaded nearly all your term papers, your writing skills are not the best BUT you are an expert at finding material on the Internet, which is exactly what you did. The proposal goes in to an agency that evaluates it and selects 3 firms out of 20 to interview. Your firm was selected. An expert in the agency recognizes the work you “prepared” the night before the interview and asks some very pointed questions to the president of your company. The president is incredibly embarrassed. The project went to your major competitor and, through some leaks; everyone in this line of work knows what happened.

What Canons and Principles were violated with your behavior?

A) Principles: 2, 3, 4
Canons: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

What should the company do?

A) The company should fire him

What should you do?

A) Apologize to you superiors and admit to your faults. Also, update your resume as you should anticipate being fired.

3) You have changed you name and moved as far away from Seattle that you can get and now work in Key West, Florida for a small firm that specializes in doing work in Africa. The owner was in the Peace Corps in Uganda and speaks Swahili and has close contacts throughout central Africa. The owner puts together international teams to conduct design and construction projects that make everyone a lot of money. The...
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