Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study

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Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study
Fe’nix Del Sur is a well-known and reputable company who sells authentic South American jewelry and African artifacts. Over the years the Fe’nix Company has grown and expanded their product line to sell replicas of their products already carried however have limited the amount of replicas that are sold in order to not tarnish their current outstanding reputation. However the company is now faced with a dilemma because they have been presented with a contract that would raise their sales $4 million but it would also mean selling a significantly higher amount of replicas. Therefore by implementing proper case analysis skills it can be easier at choosing the appropriate outcome that will benefit the company in the long run. When formulating a case it is important to follow 4 steps which are to identify the nature of the company, the organization and what the company’s mission is, a plan of action, and the potential outcomes.

Since Fe’nix has built oneself on the reputation of supplying authentic artifacts and pieces therefore changing its strategy to include such a large amount of replicas could possible damage the reputation and all the hard work that has been put into the company thus far. Years ago Fe’nix was one of the only suppliers for this type of merchandise therefore competition was low and profits high, however in more recent years other companies offering similar merchandise have begun to pop up causing sales to fall and allowing for more competition within the market. Therefore Fe’nix kept its high standards and chose to keep the way it has conducted business since the early 1900’s in order to have an upper edge at companies just beginning to carry the unusual pieces.

In today’s economy it is important to stay current with different trends as well as to be creative at offering a wide variety of products to keep customers interested in your company. Therefore based upon this information the logical choice for...
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