Female Sex Offender

Topics: Sex offender, Male, Female Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: October 6, 2011
In a modern society it is utterly important to protect our future; thus, insure that our civilization may compete in a global environment. One of the most important investments we can make is to invest in our children. Children of sound mind and body will be vital to the future prosperity of the United States; however, there is an alarming trend that threatens all of society. That threat is the growing occurrence of Female Sex Offenders. Many times, when a child reports that he/she has been victimized by a female, that claim is either not believed, or it is perceived as not a big deal.(Center for Sex Offender Management; 2007) Traditionally, it has been assumed that sex crimes are perpetrated by males. The result of this assumption is that many young ones cries for help fall on deaf ears. Even if the perpetrator is caught and punished, the punishment is far less severe than if a male committed a comparable offense. (Center for Sex Offender Management; 2007) This discrepancy must also be addressed because women do not have to face the same penalties as men do; therefore, they have less of an incentive to not engage in such behaviors.

My over all question is “How Extensive is the Female Sex Offender Problem?” My goals are to 1) Research the subject to find out to what extent females are abusing the underage, 2) find possible governmental solutions and, 3) If there is a problem, bring public attention to it; I list these goals in order of importance. I will first find out how extensive the problem is. After I have enough evidence, and concluded that the problem is extensive, I will focus on goal number two, recommend solutions. If there is enough time and resources, I will formulate strategies to bring public attention.

In order to achieve my objectives, I will need to get creative gathering information. Obtaining statistics on female sex offenders is hard to obtain. (Center for Sex Offender Management; 2007) Some of the main reasons why this information is...
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