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Pace University
Lubin School of Business

Financial Analysis & PolicyDr. Raymond H. Lopez
FIN 689Wednesday, 5:30-8:10 pm
Spring 2013Midtown Center, NY
CRN#: 20448914 422 416
[email protected]
Course Objectives
The primary objective of this course is to provide an integrated approach to financial analysis from the perspective of company managements. Financial strategies and their implications for enhancing shareholder value will be analysed using the case method. Students will be able to utilize and expand upon previously acquired skills in their MBA courses in general and their finance classes in particular. Critical operating and financial decisions cover the analysis of financial statements, calculation of cost of capital, generation of optimum capital structures for public and private firms, analyzing asset and firm valuations, corporate restructuring, evaluating potential merger and/or acquisition partners and capital raising strategies. Prerequisites: Fin 647 or Fin 652 and 6 credits of advanced finance electives

Teaching Method
This course uses a case study methodology. Students prepare each case so that they may participate in the classroom discussion and analysis of the decision faced by key managers in that firm. Each student will also participate in a group presentation and negotiation of a critical decision faced by a firm’s management. Individual grades will be given to each student, based on peer evaluations as well as the instructor’s assessment of their classroom performance

Section I
Topic| Case| WEEK| Date Due|
Introduction| Assessing a Company’s Future Financial Health| | | Estimating Funds Requirements (Financial Forecasting)| Stone Creek VineyardsToy World, Inc.| | | Managing Working Capital| Dell| | |

| | | |
Managing Short Term Assets & Liabilities | O.M. Scott and Sons Co.Carrefour, S.A.| | |

Section II

Topic| Case| WEEK| Date Due|

Cost of Capital Theory| Diversification, The Capital AssetPricing Model, and the Cost of Equity CapitalLeveraged Betas and the Cost of Equity| | | Cost of Capital| Pioneer Petroleum Corp.Marriott Corporation: The Cost of Capital| | | Valuing & Selecting Investment Opportunities| Valuing Capital Investment Projects| | | | | | |

Evaluating Investment Decisions| Ocean CarriersWhirlpool EuropeDisney in Asia, Again?Hotel Riscal for Wine Aficionados| | | Long Term Financing Decisions| MCI Communications, Inc.| | | | | | |

| | | |
| | | |

Section III

Valuing Companies| Cooper Industries, Inc.The Prize? The Price?, Constellation Brands Purchase of Robert MondaviSurvey Research Associates| | | | | | |
Initial Public Offerings| Beringer Wine Estates Holding| | | Capital Structure | Note on the Theory of Optimal Capital StructureSula Vineyards| | | Target Debt Policy| E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.Starbucks Coffee| | | Private Equity Financing| Whistling Bird Winery| | |

Highly Leveraged Transactions| John Case CompanyWine World Estates| | | | | | |

Section IV

Comprehensive Finance Case| Apple, Inc.| | |
| | | |

The prerequisites for this course are nine credits of advanced electives in finance, including Finance 647. Students without these prerequisites or a written waver may be asked to withdraw from the course. -------------------------------------------------

“Adherence to...
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