full case study analysis of a company (Apple)

Topics: Strategic management, Case study, Scientific method Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: October 20, 2013
 Case Analysis
An assignment involving a case studies which this year is APPLE. In this assignment you are required to do a full case study analysis of a company (Apple) which will involve three sub parts: Part 1 – A full strategic appraisal of Apple

Part 2 – The selection of strategic options/alternatives
Part 3 – Your strategic solutions for the company’s ongoing health

Part one: A full strategic appraisal
Locating the company in its environment. This is where you set the scene and so you should Offer a brief overview of the company (from your own research or the case material provided). Put the company in its context, which will be international or global. At this point you will start to use the various analytical tools available to tell me about the environmental opportunities and constraints operating on the company and its industry. PESTEL is the usual device employed. You should also analyze the characteristics of the industry and business in which the company has to compete and here you should employ the 5 Forces of Competition analysis carried out in some analytical depth.

Note: You could emerge from this first analysis with a PARTIAL SWOT, which is drawing out the opportunities and threats facing the firm.

After having analyzed the company’s environment, the focus moves to the company itself by conducting an internal analysis where the objective is to identify the capabilities and resources developed by the company. This will be carried out through the application of some well tried analytical instruments, such as the value chain, the threshold and distinctive resources and competencies framework and the VRIO framework.

Note: You should be able by now to complete the above SWOT analysis by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Finally, you should now be able to define the competitive position of the company in relation to the Generic Strategy chosen.

Part two: The selection of strategic options
You should...
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