Game Theory

Topics: Case study, Strategic management, Scientific method Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The framing of corporate social responsibility and the globalization of national business systems: A longitudinal case study S Tengblad, C Ohlsson - Journal of business ethics, 2010 - Springer ... answers to the dilemma of having to reconcile indi- vidual and communal interests'' (Haake, 2002, p. 714). ... The general case study setting ... Most corporate board members, before the advent of the shareholder value era in the mid-1990s, were senior industrialists who often held ... Cited by 13 Related articles All 12 versions Cite

Communication of corporate social responsibility: A study of the views of management teams in large companies S Arvidsson - Journal of Business Ethics, 2010 - Springer
... SRIs) might be that companies see ''…a business case, as well as, or as opposed to a moral case, for acting in a ... the questionnaire was sent, each IRM was contacted by telephone and presented with the pur- pose of the study and the area of focus, ie exploring new trends in ... Cited by 35 Related articles All 9 versions Cite [HTML]
The Study of the Strategic Change and Development of Electrolux Group WJ Chiou - 2005 -
... 46-59. Gillham, B. (2001). Case Study Research Methods. London: Continuum. ... Gurt, S. (2001). Electrolux-Building an Industrial Empire. Unknown. ... London: Macmillan Press Ltd. Johnson, G. & Scholes, K., (2002). Exploring Corporate Strategy, 6th ed., London, Prentice Hall. ... Related articles All 3 versions Cite

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Supplementing consumer insights at Electrolux by mining social media: An exploratory case study A Chaudhary - 2011 -
... 1.5 Electrolux ..... ... 2.3.1 Case Study Design ... This digital media can transcend the physical world boundaries to study consumers and help measure popular sentiment about a product or brand without explicit surveys ... Related articles Cite

Mazo Group Case Study: Effects of Changing
T Modes - … Operations Management: Lessons...

Cited: by 123 Related articles BL Direct All 5 versions Cite [PDF]
Made in Kalmar: A Case Study about the Fanerdun Establishment in Kalmar
J Englund, A Merker, M Ölund - 2007 -
... The given factors are; location in Europe and the Baltic Sea region, low corporate tax, low
investment costs, infrastructure ... Large corporations such as Volvo, Electrolux, Ericsson, Bombardier
and Candelia left the region one by one. ... The latter is the focus of our case study. ...
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